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Dear Valued Customers:

We sincerely apologize for the recent backorder of Daily Shampoo and Instant Conditioner. We placed our order with the manufacturer we have used for over forty (40) years in July, and at that time, coupled with their lead times, we should have had our order by mid to late September. As most of you know, that has not been the case.

Repeated attempts to obtain our order status from Grayson O, the manufacturer, have resulted in excuses and untruthful statements from Jared, the VP of the manufacturer, ranging from waiting on bottles to ingredients being on backorder to we (the manufacturer) having cash flow problems to the most recent dodging of our calls and messages. We have been defrauded thousands of dollars in paid-for products that we pre-paid to Grayson O Company.

California Concept does not conduct business in this manner; we are appalled that through the letdown of our manufacturer, we have failed to deliver products to our customers. Rest assured, we are searching for a new manufacturer to continue to provide the high-quality products you are used to receiving.

As small businesses, we understand the importance of trying to help other small businesses. Still, continuous deception is unacceptable, no matter how innocent it may have been initially. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience you may have endured and are diligently working to obtain products as quickly as possible.

We still have our Classic and Moisturizing Shampoos if you would like to try one of those in the meantime. 

However, we do not have Daily Shampoo in any size, 16oz Instant Conditioner, Climatized Har Spray, or Performer Hair Spray.

Thank you for your continued loyalty. 





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